Comments Submitted By Dreck Wilson To Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B,

Spring Place Proposal 10-24-11 Public Meeting




1.  Pave existing alley between Phase I and Phase II with decorative pavers.

2.  Oppose any parking variance.

3.  Phase II parking requires a min. of 1 handicap stall.

4.  Bike Station inside courtyard is poor siting.  Relocate.

5.  Bike Share Station is too far from building entrances and windows--will attract thieves.

6.  Parallel to the property-line that runs behind the houses along Chestnut St., install masonry privacy wall not a fence.




1.  Site should be designed by a licensed landscape architect.

2.  Rear yards (on private property) of existing houses should be planted by the developer with an evergreen tree allee parallel to property-line.

3.  Landscape around buildings on all sides.

4.  Screen all parking areas with trees and under-story shrubs.

5.  Group trees in courtyard to provide shade and install site furniture.

6.  Densely plant (approx.200 ea.) evergreen trees in existing protected area parallel to Metro.





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