Resolution, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

Request For Public Hearing On Walmart’s Entry Into The District of Columbia

Adopted on January 24, 2011 In A Unanimous Show-Of-Hands Vote



Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B (ANC 4B) requests that the D.C. City Council hold public hearings on Walmart’s proposals to build up to five large-scale “big box stores” in the District of Columbia, including a site at the former Curtis Chevrolet Building at the corner of Georgia and Peabody Streets, NW, within ANC 4B.


We understand that this site and the others are subject to a “large tract review,” and that ANC 4B, ANC 4A and ANC 4C and other Commissions can submit written recommendations to City agencies commenting on issues such as transportation and environmental mitigation. However, even before any site-specific plans are filed, it is clear that the size of the Georgia Avenue and other proposed stores and the traffic they will generate will likely cost City taxpayers money for road repairs and improvements, among other things.


In addition, we note that according to Washington Business Journal, the proposed 801 New Jersey Avenue, NW site is owned by the D.C. government (article attached).  This means that the D.C. City Council should have oversight over how this property is utilized and the terms for its use.


Furthermore, residents and small businesses are telling us they are not only concerned about the size and the significant impact of the Georgia Avenue proposal,  but the multiplier effect of permitting up to five stores within a fairly small area.


These concerns make public hearings held by the D.C. City Council necessary and in the public interest and they should be held as soon as possible.


The recommendations in this resolution are made pursuant to DC Code 1-309.10(a), 1-309.10(d)(3)(A) and 1-309.10(d)(3)(B), which require, among other things, that ANC recommendations receive “great weight” from the DC government and that DC government officials respond in writing.  Section 1-309.10(h)(1) of the code also permits ANCs to initiate proposals for DC government action and it requires that the DC government provide a written acknowledgement within ten days and a status report within 60 days of receipt.