Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B
Office hours: Noon to 4 pm, M-F
6856 Eastern Avenue, NW #314
Jim Irwin, Office Manager
Regular Meetings: Fourth Mondays, 7 pm
4th District Police Station, 6001 Ga Ave
Next regular meeting: Monday, February 26
See the latest proposal for 6914 Willow Street.
See the PWI's Draft Resolution to ANC 4B on the MBT proposal, plus related documents.
Chair: André Carley (4B01), Vice Chair: Barbara Rogers (4B08)
Treasurer: Tischa Cockrell (4B09), Secretary: Natalee Snider (4B06)
4B01 I André R. Carley 7405 9th Street NW, 20012 202-882-2352
4B02 Tanya Topolewski 808 Aspen St NW DC 20012 Plase use email
4B03 Scot Knickerbocker 814 Underwood Street NW, 20012 202-854-9191
4B04 Brenda Parks 6001 8th Street NW, 20011 202-291-2557
4B05 Yolanda Hughes 814 Missouri Avenue NW, 20011 240-467-1419
4B06 Natalee S. Snider 5815 4th ST NW, 20011 202-615-9500
4B07 Judi Jones 25 Sheridan Street NW, 20011 202-291-6282
4B08 Barbara Rogers 339 Oneida Street, NE, 20011 202-904-1027
4B09 Tischa M. Cockrell
5521 Chillum Place NE 202-247-0547
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Like all Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, ANC 4B considers a wide range of policies and programs affecting our neighborhood, including traffic, parking, recreation, street improvements, liquor licenses, zoning, economic development, police protection, sanitation and trash collection, and the District's annual budget.

We are neighborhood residents, directly affected by government action. We are unpaid volunteers elected every two years, and are your closest government representatives. Based on your input and our best judgment, we present positions and recommendations on issues to District government bodies and to independent agencies, boards, and commissions. By law, we may also present positions to Federal agencies.